Most labels you see are made from paper, peel and stick, much like a band-aid. Labels have a multitude of uses, they’re great for organizing things and marking the belongings of different individuals, as well as warning anyone of something dangerous that should not be touched or handled. From Filing records for bookkeeping to marking whose cup belongs to who, labels are extremely useful items. But because they’re often manufactured from paper these labels have become susceptible to the elements, especially water and sun. Water can make the ink run and disintegrate the paper over time, weakening the adhesive as well and allowing the label or sticker to reduce contact. Sunlight will fade any writing on a label and bake the adhesive until it’s too weak to hold properly anymore, rendering it useless. custom waterproof stickers Both these elements are a death knell for labels and avoiding this problem right from the start is the foremost path to take when possible.

A solution for this problem comes in the form of vinyl stickers, this tough material is comparable to plastic, durable and waterproof alone and available with various laminating techniques which will protect any message written on them, protecting them from moisture and the harsh sun. There’s also a many uses for these waterproof stickers and labels. You can label many many sealed items that are to be submerged, such as food and drinks packed in a cooler or put into water. Picnics, Barbecues and camping trips could be made so much easier with this particular simple addition to help organize your packing. These stickers can be placed on boats, canoes, kayaks and almost any water-bound vehicle that will be exposed to frequent moisture, these labels may also be numbered and lettered for easier organization and tracking, even sequentially numbered if desired. This is the great feature for electrical boxes, tools and parts that need to be kept track of in a work setting.

A super-strong adhesive applied to these stickers makes them especially ideal for lawnmowers and any sort of equipment that is exposed to the weather frequently or all the time. Because of its super-strong adhesive the stickers will always stick, even on tough exterior surfaces a paper label would never stick properly too.

Another advantage of waterproof vinyl stickers and labels is that the inking is performed with UV protected ink, this fade-resistant compound helps preserve any numbers or letters throughout the life of the label.

And what a life many of these labels can have! Some can last three to five years as has been extra laminated stickers choosing upwards of seven years before having to be replaced.

Overall these waterproof stickers and labels are most likely the simplest and cheapest way to make a big difference in your organization in your house, on the lake or in your workplace. You will not have to worry about losing track of the same things seemingly continuously with this particular simple, helpful tip!