Top CCTV companies in Dubai

Security is a primary concern when searching for villas for sale in Dubai, and you would not want to live somewhere unsafe.

If it’s an office, store or house, CCTV cameras are an integral part of every comprehensive surveillance approach. Installing these revolutionary devices gives you peace of mind; the assurance that your belongings are safe and stable. It is also no wonder that many of the biggest CCTV firms in Dubai provide personalised solutions to individual customers.

List of top CCTV companies in Dubai

Many electronic shops around Dubai are selling security cameras. However, a little study into what kind of camera you’re installing and which CCTV provider you’re going within Dubai will make a significant difference. Various retailers sell a range of cameras, kits and after-sales programmes to satisfy your needs. Read on to the list of top CCTV firms in Dubai to see whether you are looking for extensive and efficient security surveillance.

Victoria Digitals System

With its innovative technologies, outstanding customer service, and a wide variety of products, Vector Digital Systems is one of Dubai’s best CCTV installation companies. It provides personalised applications with 24-hour tracking capabilities. The business has also developed CCTV services in hotels, film studios, corporate offices, universities and colleges, and private premises.


Krishcom is the second one on the list of the best CCTV firms in Dubai. They excel in the development and implementation of CCTV systems in Dubai and associated servicing. As for the various camera types, one of the following may be selected:

  • Box Camera
  • Home Security Camera Dubai Bullet Varifocal
  • IP CCTV Camera UAE Dome Varifocal
  • IR Mini Dome IR Mini Dome
  • Security Camera Dubai Mini Bullet
  • CCTV Dealers in Dubai Vandal-Proof Mini Dome

There are several others available at Krishcom. Krishcom experts may recommend other products from their security software line to supplement the CCTV system to form a cohesive security solution.

ZKTeco Middle East

ZKTeco is one of the biggest CCTV firms in Dubai. Its professionally experienced staff comprises professionals in manufacturing who are committed to delivering the finest after-sales technical service. A global reputation, ZKTeco prides itself on the efficiency and consistency of its goods and services. You can select from a wide variety of camera models and brands to meet your needs. The company also provides other associated defence and time management services.


IPTEC is next on the list of CCTV installation providers. It’s a global corporation with production plants in Dubai and China. Their professional sales and support teams have the best quality customer service. What’s more, it’s a Dubai Police Accredited Security and Surveillance Camera Delivery Firm. Therefore, you should trust their goods to be of the highest quality.

White Hates

White Hats specialises in delivering security camera services in Dubai. Their IT engineer team partners with customers to have the best area of coverage for each particular customer. You should contact the company to mount day & night cameras, heat-responsive cameras, night vision cameras and motion tracking cameras from top brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Camscan I-Lax, Pixel View, and Qline.

Zane Wave

Zane Wave is a SIRA-certified CCTV construction firm based in Dubai. It provides full services including delivery, installation and repair. After installation and with an agreed servicing contract, they can guarantee that the camera’s output is tested periodically. Their client list is extremely impressive, including shops, hotels, restaurants, business offices, banks, schools and universities.

MVP Tech

MVP Tech is an ISO accredited CCTV camera company based in Dubai. It is known to produce high-profile programs in the UAE that need complex solutions. Their potential to offer high-quality budget solutions paired with unmatched post-sales services makes MVP Tech one of the country’s largest CCTV companies.


V-ITS is the last one on the list of the best CCTV firms in Dubai. You will contract their expertise to install, operation, and maintain a CCTV camera network at your premises. Their consultants will prepare a security plan to guarantee that all of your properties are well secured, ensuring that you can go about your everyday life without any security issues.

What is the cost of CCTV installation in Dubai?

The cost of CCTV installation in Dubai depends on many factors. This involves the type and scale of the area you choose to protect, the type of cameras you choose to use, how much servicing the device will take, and any additional resources you want. We suggest contacting the companies listed above for an estimate/quote.

These are the top CCTV companies in Dubai. If security is your major concern, you must get your new home in Bulgari Residences Dubai as it is one of the safest places in the region.